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Guilin FLYTYING Factory is located at Guilin in West China where many quality hand-made items are produced by gifted and talented orientals known for their Ambidexterity and attention to the smallest detail.

Workers are trained to prepare materials and assemble patterns with precision and accuracy to produce unique quality flies many of which are unavailable until now.

Much of our factory production techniques and material innovations are of modern technology and ideas still yet unknown in the fly-tying factory business.

Workers become masters of the trade and as result share in the company`s success and maintain a standard that is a recipe for success in Chinese factories.

This location, excellent workers and hands-on Canadian fishing, entomology and fly-tying expertise are available daily at the factory, which makes for a unique combination that allows us to build lasting and successful customer relations.

All Clients receive top priority at china-fishingflies, and we value your questions and comments as well. If you are interested in any of our product, feel free to communicate with us in English or Chinese as we will correspond in either at your leisure and our qualified staff will respond usually within 24hrs.

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